Friday, April 25, 2008

New stuff- I know about time!

I know...I know...its been forever. Sigh what can I say, I made no promises to begin with to be on top of things in regards to this blog.
I have been incredibly busy if that counts for anything, but probably not. Anyway, here's some stuff I've been working on and some projects I want to pick up again, now that I have a few days of free time coming up. So here goes:
This is a project I had to put on hold for awhile, that I want to try and pick back up. I want to paint some of my favorite ones and than develop bodies/poses that fit their personalities.

Some props to go in the schematic that I posted on a previous date, a long, long time ago...
A schematic of sorts for a dwelling, for a project I am working on currently.

A layout drawing and value study of part of the interior of the dwelling above.

Now I must get back to work so I can post some more stuff (probably in another month, cause I am horrible at this blog thing...). Take care to whoever ends up reading this far!