Friday, September 26, 2008

New Update

Hey all, for anyone who actually looks at this site. : ) Sorry for the extremely long delay in posting. I've been so busy! But here are some projects I've been working on. I've been delving into storyboard over the past couple of months and its a TON! of work. I'm taking Kris's Pearn's storyboarding class on and Jeff B's story class at San Jose State. They are both a lot of fun!! I just need to get faster. Its really helping with my drawing ability as well, simply having to draw and figure out all the different poses and camera angles helps tremendously with drawing skills and viz dev work. Anyway, here's some new pieces. Thanks for anyone who comes to this site to look!

The story above was for Kris Pearn's storyboarding class on schoolism. It was the first introductory assignment and we had to come up with a story around 20 panels that showed who we are and where we come from. So I wanted to tell a story about my mom and me and how your relationship with your parents change and evolve throughout your childhood and into adulthood. So this ones for you mom! : ) Love ya!
The 9 panel storyboard above was for Jeff B's class at San Jose State. Each week he gives us one panel- the first panel is his drawing, with the caption bubble- and we have to fill in the other 8 panels with our own interpretation of the story. Its fun to see all the different ideas that people come up with.
These character designs are for a project that I am currently working on for my final semester at San Jose State. The story we are drawing our inspiration from is about a circus in the 1930's. These are my main characters, Marlena and her tiger.
The above image is a personal project that I've been working on in my spare time, which I wish I had more of...

This is a plein air landscape painting I did of place near brentwood. I need to work on my painting...sigh its so hard to find time for all you want to work...too much too do!

Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks for coming by!